Youval Harari is a Naval Architect and Yacht Surveyor

Youval Harari is a Naval Architect and Yacht Surveyor offering a variety of professional services.
An experienced sailor himself, Youval offers reliable service for a wide range of clients, such as:

  • Governmental organizations such as the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Naval Police,
  • Commercial sailing companies,
  • And many private clients.

Go ahead and contact Youval to talk about your naval engineering and surveying needs.

Engineering Services

  • Pre-purchase Surveys
  • Damage & Valuation Surveys
  • Yacht Flag Registration
  • Tonnage Certificate
  • Sea Worthiness Certificates
  • Hull surveys for the Ministry of Transport
  • Noise Surveys and Stability Valuation
  • Yacht haul-out survey
  • Vessel refit supervision
  • Technical consultancy

The services are provided with the highest level of professionalism.

About Youval

Youval Harari is a Naval Architect and Yacht Surveyor (M.Eng., Southampton University).

An active sailor who has been at sea since childhood and has extensive sailing experience. Naval officer, Merchant naval officer, experienced yacht skipper including cross med cross atlantic.

Youval runs a consultancy providing design, consultancy, supervision and survey services for private yachts and commercial vessels.

Our clients include:

  • Yacht owners in Israel and abroad
  • Potential yacht buyers
  • Yacht insurance companies
  • Satellite communication users

Professional Experience

During the 70’s, Youval was a member and later an instructor in the Tel Aviv Sea Scouts He was a sailing instructor in the T.A Sailing school. A graduate of the Israeli Navy’s prestigious naval officer course, he served as an officer on a navy missile boat and commanded a patrol boat.

In the 1980’s, Youval was a yacht skipper of sailing yachts in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and served as deck officer in the Israeli Merchant Navy. He completed his M.Eng. degree and worked as an engineer for British SP Systems.

During the early 1990’s, Youval designed Super Dvora patrol boats for the Israel Aircraft Industries and set up his consultancy for Naval Architecture and Yacht Survey.

Model Projects

  • 25-meter glass bottom boat for the Red Sea
  • 14-meter Rigid inflatable for the naval police
  • 24-meter catamaran boats for the sea of Galilee
  • 7-meter Steel catamarans for the Red Sea

And many more…


Among the clients that Youval has worked with in the past you will find large organizations such as:

  • Israel Naval Police
  • Israeli Ministry of Defense
  • Kinneret Sailing Ltd.
  • Holyland Sailing Ltd.
  • Menorah insurance company

And many private clients.