New DEKPA (EU Flag) and Greek cruising tax to all Flags

ΔΕΚΠΑ (DEKPA) and ΤΕ.Π.Α.Η Greek Cruising Tax

Yiannis Zenzefilis, Greece

24 November 2018

In recent days it has come to our attention that the new DEKPA (EU Flag) and Greek cruising tax (all Flags) legislation which was voted by the Greek Parliament recently has created confusion amongst private yacht owners. This blog post will attempt to explain the required procedures.

As of 2nd of April 2019 all yachts over 7m LOA are required to pay the monthly Greek cruising tax fee. The fee is payable in Port Police offices if your yacht is registered in a member country of the EU or at a customs office if your yacht travels with a transit log.

DEKPA is only required on private motor yachts or sailing yachts with a LOA greater than seven (7)m.

The DEKPA form is only intended for vessels under EU members nations flag.  It should be issued by the Port Police offices upon initial entry into Greek waters. The validity of the document is for one (1) year and needs to be renewed before its expiration. If the owner of the vessel fails to do so the fine is 5000 Euros (under the new law). The cost for issuing the DEKPA document is now 50 Euros regardless of boat length and type.

The new form that the yacht owner needs to complete is much more detailed and more information is requested. You can find a link to the form in the following link:

To issue the new DEKPA document the owner must proceed to the local Port Police station with the following:

  • Boat Registration Document. If the document issued is temporary the DEKPA will be valid until the date it expires. Upon receipt of the final registration the owner must issue a new DEKPA document (and pay the fee once again).
  • Insurance certificate which should cover marine pollution.
  • Passport for every person on the registration certificate.
  • ICC and Radio License or equivalent.
  • Receipt for the €50 fee (Process to issue this detailed below)

To issue the  €50 fee for DEKPA you need to follow the procedure below:


Click on the highlighted text
  • Complete the next page following the instructions below
Click on the button
  • Complete the next page following the template of the image below
Fill in the required boxes
You will now receive an email. Print it out and go to the nearest bank to pay the required fee in cash. With the receipt from the bank you can proceed with all the required documents to the Port Police station to complete the DEKPA issue process.

Greek cruising tax is required by all yachts travelling in Greek water (all flags) you will need to pay in the Port Police the fees. The following table describes the fees per month and per year (10% Discount) depending on LOA.

Table with TEPAI charges according to LOA

Greek cruising tax is only payble for the time the yacht is sailing in the Greek Waters and paid monthly.


  • Yacht is travelling between 01.08-28.08(Greek cruising tax  is payable only for the month of August)
  • Yacht is travelling between 15.08-10.09(Greek cruising tax is payable for August and September)
  • Yacht is on Dry Dock in Sept, Oct but travelling in November (Greek cruising tax is payable ony for November)
  • Yacht is berthed in July travelling in August (Greek cruising tax is payable for August)

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